Angular FR

A timing and scoring app to enable quick, unofficial results.
Start with FREO, the event only, ligth version.
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fleet race

This is a timing and scoring program which computes results on the client. Originally a Delphi desktop application, it has been rewritten in java, C#, and Silverlight. The latest version of the project is a Typescript / Angular app.



This is special. A sail boat rig simulation program. I bought my first own PC because I wanted to write this program. First version in Delphi 1, 1995. Has seen many platforms.



Relatively new. A 3D function plotter app written for a specific problem. The project started in 2012 as a Delphi FMX cross platform project, you can find a recent version of it in the Windows Store.

Angular RG

The 420 rig trim simulation, super light version.
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Linked Angular apps are beta versions.

About this static only site

No user data is collected. There is no web form. You cannot log in or post data to I have chosen the long term, economy plan for this site. There is no server side code and no database, just static html files and other static content. Static content includes client side javascript applications built with Angular.

Use the start buttons to download and run a current build of one of my angular applications. Applications may load static text data files from, but otherwise there is no connection to a server, no advertising, and no tracking.

About Project FR

There are currently 4 versions of the FR Angular app:

  1. FREO, the event only version, a light version.
  2. FRLT, a light version with race part.
  3. FR03, the current version.
  4. FRSW, current version with service-worker script.

Read about service-worker on the Angular site. The FR service-worker version should be preferred if your browser can use it. The service-worker technology is used to use cached static resources, so that the application can be used offline.

You could work with me on a real world variation of FR or similar application. As an admin, you would need to come up with a decision about where to store data, how to interconnect clients, and how to secure transport. I may have an opinion and a suggestion about how to do this, as long as you play it safe within your local area network.

Angular FC

Browse parameters and options defined for FC.
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