Trim 420 Status

Version 2024

I have upgraded to Delphi 12 (one more time) and released a new version for Android. To find it in the Play Store it is recommended to search for the package name instead of the app name.

The package name for the Android app is:


All other platforms have also been updated. Please report issues to the GitHub repository.

Long term

The latest version is considered to be the Delphi FMX project with 2D graphics. Please find the source code of this project on GitHub.

A recent version of the Trim 420 application is available from the Microsoft Store:

You could as well load the Trimm420 iPad App (without space between Trim and 420), which has recently been updated.

Keeping the cross platform versions up to date will be difficult because of a subscription to the latest version of the tool used, Delphi, may be missing.

This is why native apps for specific platforms may appear sooner or later, probably. Already, the source code of a slim C# application with excellent 3D graphics is available at GitHub.

Use RG34 and latest Visual Studio to run the app in the debugger.

RG34 uses the HelixToolkit package which uses DirectX and is for Windows only. New applications targeting other platforms should perhaps have a look at this app, as an example, and then implement a similar set of features.

The source code of the existing Free Pascal (Lazarus) version is also on GitHub. It did compile directly on a Mac, but the project is on hold.

A native Android version with 2D graphics has been started, but is currently also on hold. Some help with a native Android version would be welcome.

Off topic

New in 2023 was the progress that happened to the federgraph project.