Datenschutzrichtlinie für Federgraph App

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Federgraph is a specialized, GPU hardware accelerated function plotter program. It will render a new image fast when you change a parameter, e.g with the scroll wheel of the mouse.

Personal Data

The application does not request any personal data.

Internet Access

The application does not access the Internet.

Application Data

The application data consists of the function source code itself and the parameters for the function, both model and view parameters. You are supposed to change the parameters of the special built-in function. You may want to save and load sets of these parameters.

( Changing the function itself is also possible, but considered an advanced option. Changing the function means changing the source text for the vertex shader and pixel shader to be used in rendering the image. )

The application’s state can be represented by a text file or stream of text. An example of what the textual representation of the application state looks like can be found in the GitHub repository.

The default way to import and export data is via the clipboard.

When you copy text data out of the app via the clipboard or via saving a file, it is under your control what you do with it, with whom you share it, or how you protect it.

It is possible that the application will read/write state automatically from local storage, when it starts up or is shut down. This may depend on the target platform.

The format and the meaning of the data that the app uses is no secret. The text data is readable and easily editable by humans. It has been designed for maximum transparency.

It is intended that you manage your data, I don’t.

Last updated

17 September 2019