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About the Application

The Trimm420 app for OS X is a sandboxed app. It requests the following permissions via entitlements:

This means that the application can potentially read and write text data files, and it can use the clipboard to exchange text data. By text data I mean the data for the state of the application.

The Trimm 420 app for iOS can write data to the app specific (sandboxed) Documents folder.

Application Data

Trimm420 is a rig trim simulation program. The application’s state is a set of numbers. An example of what the textual representation of the application state looks like can be found here.

When you copy text data out of the app via the clipboard or via saving a file, it is under your control what you do with it, with whom you share it, or how you protect it.

It is possible that the application will read/write state automatically from local storage, when it starts up or is shut down. This may depend on the target platform.

The format and the meaning of the data that the app uses is no secret. The text data is readable and easily editable by humans. It has been designed for maximum transparency. You can look at the source code for the part of the application that will parse and generate the text data, so that you can better understand it. You are encouraged to provide data in the format the application can read. Do it manually with a text editor or automatically.

It is intended that you manage your data, I don’t.

Personal Data

The application does not request any personal data.

Internet Access

The application does not access the Internet.

Maybe, when you save a file and the system will present you with a save file dialog, you may have the option to access a location in the cloud via the Internet, but this is done by the system and by the user, not through the app itself, see the note about sandboxing above.

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18 August 2019