Project FR

A lot of the code is at GitHub now.
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About store presence

All apps I published between 2012-2017 (RG and FC, mobile / desktop) will be removed from the store. I plan to continue with the projects, but I can't say if I will build new versions for the store.

The reason is that so far I have done cross-platform builds using Delphi FMX and there are problems with this approach. It was great initially and it worked, but it is difficult to keep the apps current. The FC desktop app (Windows) had a price tag and low traffic, the RG desktop app (Mac) is 32 bit only, the RG and FC Android apps are out of date now and no longer on par with the desktop app. The FC iOS app was out of date as well, the FC desktop app on Windows has advanced a lot.

So, the real thing has always been to compile the app and run it on the desktop, in the debugger. A feature reduced native and up to date demo version of FC may make it to the store, but not the real thing. RG is alive - please get in contact if you purchased a version from the Mac store. FR is currently hot and I would like to encourage you to have a look.