Angular FR

A timing and scoring app to enable quick, unofficial results.
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Linked Angular apps are beta versions.

Use the start buttons to download and run a current build of one of my angular applications. Applications may load static text data files from, but otherwise there is no connection to a server, no advertising, and no tracking.

About Project FR

There are currently 4 versions of the FR Angular app:

  1. FREO, the event only version, a light version.
  2. FRLT, a light version with race part.
  3. FR03, the current version.
  4. FRSW, current version with service-worker script.

Read about service-worker on the Angular site. The FR service-worker version should be preferred if your browser can use it. The service-worker technology is used to use cached static resources, so that the application can be used offline.

You could work with me on a real world variation of FR or similar application. As an admin, you would need to come up with a decision about where to store data, how to interconnect clients, and how to secure transport. I may have an opinion and a suggestion about how to do this, as long as you play it safe within your local area network.

Angular FC

Browse parameters and options defined for FC.
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