Federgraph Tutorial

This is the short version of the tutorial. The long version is available in German and English.

Handle with care please.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Rotate graph around x and y axis with MouseMove in the center of the screen.
  2. Rotate around z-axis with horizontal MouseMove over top touch bar.
  3. Zoom in and out with horizontal MouseMove over bottom touch bar.
  4. Navigate to another sample with [S+], [S-], [H+] and [H-].
  5. Toggle between resolutions [64] and [128].
  6. Alter the coloring of the graph (the texture) with the help of buttons [b+] and [b-].
  7. Test effect of button [b].
  8. Try the different color schemes with [c-] and [c+].
  9. Switch display of text off and on with [txt].
  10. Use ToolButton and OptionBar on the top.
  11. Choose parameter [t1], which moves the texture in z-direction.
  12. Change the parameter with the left touch bar (step width +1/-1).
  13. Change the parameter with the right touch bar (step width +10/-10).
  14. Find and watch the textual display for the value of the current parameter while you change it with left or right touch bar.
  15. Select [t2], the width of the texture, as current parameter and change it.
  16. Navigate to sample 2.
  17. Navigate back to sample 1. Note that the resolution falls back to the value of [64]. You can select [128] at any time, the graph may look better then, but the calculation will become slower.
  18. Make plot [P4] the current plot and parameter [L] the current parameter. Change the value of L (all length).
  19. Change other parameters as you like.

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