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Feder Memo (FM)

The Federgraph Memo (FM) will show the model data as text, which you can copy.
Image of Federgraph Memo with model data text.

These blocks of model data text can be shared in many ways.

Find the sample data files which you can

The archive with sample data may contain a readme like this one:
Version = 1

This is for Windows.
Should be extracted into a Federgraph folder with subfolders.
I have included a Version number (whole number).
I think in the future it will be on GitHub.
You can create better samples.

A selection of text files with model and view param data, 
and options of course.
Some of these samples are more than 4 years old.

Some *.hlsl files ready for dropping.

Sample data embedded in a bunch of html tags.
An alternative form of sharing the data.

I think in the future the sample data content should be located at GitHub.

An alternative form of sharing Federgraph data is given below.