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Federgraph Memes

I promise to show in detail how to create Memes in a future blog post or video.

But basically it goes like this:

  1. Start the Federgraph App.
  2. Optionally manipulate the image.
  3. Select the transparent background color. (Button c - background color)
  4. Show the drop target. (Button tdt - toggle drop target)
  5. Drag and Drop your background image to the drop target.
  6. Hide drop target. (Button tdt)
  7. Rotate, Pan, Zoom the Federgraph image in front of the background.
  8. Create screenshot.
  9. Close App.
  10. Optionally add some text. (Use image in companion Meme Builder App FC96.)
  11. Make new screenshot.
  12. Done. That should be fun. ( Officially claimed )

You do not need to change the formula.

You may want to change the value of some parameters using the mouse and enjoy looking at the picture.

There are surprise images in the app which I won’t show here. For example, press right arrow key after starting the app to reveal the best (arguably) !