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Federgraph Meme Builder App

Federgraph Meme Builder App, no image loaded yet.
Meme Builder

The App can be used as a companion app to the Federgraph application, just in case you wanted to build a Meme with one of the Federgraph Emoji pictures.

Drop your image onto the drop target, then press Escape key to toggle the visibility of the edit controls for the text as needed.

Further, you could adjust some of text properties.

Key mapping:

KeyChar(s) Action
Escape toggle text edit controls
h toggle help text
d toggle drop target
b, t select bottom or top text for font change
f, F cycle Font for current text (forward, backwards)
s, S param Font Size for top or bottom text
m, M param Margin for top or bottom text
g, G param Glow Softness for top or bottom text
x toggle between Text0 and Text1
y, Y cycle through Text templates
r, R reset Caption (and Text)
c clear image command
^c copy image to clipboard command
1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 0 Window Format selection

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