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Feder Actions (FA)

In the Federgraph Actions Form you can search for info about an Action.
Image of Federgraph Actions Form with actions listed in groups.

There are a lot of actions defined for the Federgraph application. No one can remember all the short captions on the buttons. It helps if you can search, case sensitive or case insensitive, for any given short or long caption. The complete set of actions can be partitioned into groups. A group will likely hold related actions. An action will of course be mapped to buttons, keyboard keys, and menu items. In the details for an action you can see where it has been mapped to. Some actions are not mapped at all. This is an indication that the feature is not included in the particular variation of the app. Short captions are unique. There are no two actions with the same short caption. There is no plan to localize the short captions for a particular language. Long captions could be localized in the future.

In the screenshot you can see that there are two key mappings for action t1. It is mapped to the first button on Layout 7, and to button position 8 on page 3.

On the phone form factor, there are fewer buttons per page. A Tablet Page is the normal page on the desktop computer.

As always there is more to say. All the actions have to be explained in the blog.